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        Epson LQ-790K certificate printer -- the sublimation of love

        Date:2015年1月28日 17:03

        2015-01-07 00:55:00  [  Zhongguancun Online   ]  

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          Taking care of a family gave them a love of security. With the rapid development of modern economy, people's thinking has changed, more and more people choose investment banking and insurance to guarantee and improve the quality of life. Therefore various stock certificates, insurance policies, credentials print management also gradually increased, virtually to the insurance, banking, trust, securities and other financial industry brought great challenges. Epson printer certificate of lq-790k by virtue of excellent quality, stable performance and clear print and other advantages to help the financial industry print more easily.

          Print convenient and powerful

          People in order to prevent in the bud, the choice of investment banking or insurance, which had said that the insurance, banking, trust, securities and other financial industry, their indispensable is the printing of various stock certificates, insurance policies, credentials, and because of these credentials of multiple media, thick density, which the needle type printer performance of proposed higher requirements.

          Epson lq-790k needle type printer has powerful media regulation function, automatically adapt to medium thickness, maximum thickness up to 3.6mm, effectively avoid the occurrence of paper jam situation, both the friction feed and drag the paper feeder two feed method can be easily completed without medium print conversion, meet the needs of different feed print. In view of this, this powerful function not only avoid printing cardboard, but also avoid the complex processes of printing in the process of replacing the machine's make printed more convenient and run more smoothly.

          A time efficient stable peace of mind

          "Time is money" in economic society, fast printing documents, improve the working efficiency of the financial industry, to customers bring excellent print experience, and improve customer satisfaction.It is reported that Epson lq-790k certificate of printer performance stable, the average failure free time to reach 20000 hours, low failure rate and ensure the machines more efficient and durable, even 24 hours of uninterrupted work, also can operate continuously, beat heavy workload. In addition, every pin print head can withstand 400000000 times hit, can guarantee the continuous large print. In this way not only saves the printer due to maintenance time, improve the printing efficiency, but also effectively solves the problems because of the heavy workload, pushed back. The financial industry and also to improve service quality, increase customer satisfaction.

          Multiple copy clear in the end

          Certificate in financial industry, the most important function is proved, such as printing will be not clear to the holder the inconvenience and discomfort. Therefore, stock certificates, and other policy documents clear handwriting, to ensure that the interests of the holder, and let every family see certificate will feel the deep love.Epson lq-790k with super 1 + 6 linked copy function, the advantage of this function is to ensure each linked to print out the handwriting layer upon layer clear, fully meet the high requirements of the financial industry for clarity. In addition, the designed with 32 meters long ribbon, 10 million character printing support, make writing more clearly and durably, don't have to worry about preservation issues, while also reducing the frequency of replacement ribbons, all-round improve printing efficiency and effect, so that the financial industry is easy to deal with the print job, then reduce the workload and unnecessary trouble, even more notes are not afraid!

          Convenient and practical to meet the various needs

        Epson lq-790k convenient and practical, has a standard USB and parallel two standard interface, convenient connection of multiple devices, the print to facilitate more peace of mind. The trouble for its unique ribbon clamp design, can effectively solve the customer's own cannot be readily replaced ribbon, save manpower and time. In addition, many customers are worried about machine key too much, not knowing where to start, Epson lq-790k needle type printer is very good solve the problem, the operation panel button layout is simple and clear, easy to operate freely, allowing users to conveniently accessible, work more relaxed is certificate printing, administrative office, the best choice.

        Home is the most warm interpretation, Epson printer certificate of lq-790k by virtue of superior product quality, stable and durable performance and convenient and practical, clear printing, witnessed the home warm, the sublimation of love.

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